Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mac + Lush Haul

I may have a shopping problem. I recently went on a mini shopping spree and ended up spending about a hundred dollar in both Mac and Lush. For a broke college student with an unknown blog, that is a lot of money that I can't really afford to be spending. However, I couldn't help myself! I will link all of the products purchased during this haul below.

From Mac, I got three new lipsticks and some foundation. About a month ago, I was gifted my first ever Mac lipstick, Syrup. I instantly fell in love, even though it wasn't the best color for my skin. Now, I have Del Rio, Taupe, and Whirl to add to my mini Mac lipstick collection. I'm so excited. Del Rio is quite dark on me. Its a deep red-ish nude and I've only worn it once this past weekend to a party. I wouldn't wear it on a normal day to class or work. Now Whirl is my all time favorite because it is a nice pinky tone nude that looks very natural and subtle. I've been wearing it on a daily basis and I can tell already that I will be making a repurchase. Next, Taupe has a nice deep brown undertone that doesn't look that well on me, at least in my opinion because my skin is naturally cool tone. But it is a very pretty, professional color. I like to put it on my lips and apply Syrup, which is a light pinky nude (lighter than Whirl) over it. Finally, I got the Mac Pro Longwear Foundation in the color NC30. It is like the most perfectly skin color matched foundation that I've ever owned, which is great and would probably make this my go-to foundation. It is also very liquidy and doesn't feel heavy on my skin at all. However, after a few wears, I noticed that this foundation is breaking my skin out in little whiteheads and pink bumps. I naturally have acne prone skin and get the occasional pimple that one time of the month. Now I have like ten new acne bumps after wearing this foundation, which is killing me, so I will most likely be returning this. So if you have sensitive acne prone skin like me, I recommend you not buy this foundation.

From Lush, I repurchased the Magnaminty face mask, which is amazing and helped me (along with other products, of course) to clear up my acne. The YouTuber, Melanie Murphy, was the girl who originally introduced me to this face mask, along with a couple of other things to clear up my skin, a couple of months ago. If you don't know who Melanie is, I'll link her channel below. Check her out, she's awesome and so sweet. Now another product I got was the Cup O' Coffee face mask and it is my new favorite face and body mask. It smells like coffee, obviously, and I am a huge fan of coffee (HUGE) and it leaves my skin feeling so fresh. I've already noticed a difference in my skin. It has made my skin look brighter and more radiant. Finally my last purchase from Lush was an impulse buy at the register. I saw the little display with lip balms, and I quickly noticed Latte so I bought it to go along with my little coffee themed purchase. Also, Latte is like a pinky lipstain so it leaves a light bronze-like color on your lips. At first, I wasn't a fan of the color, but it grew on me and it looks kind of like a shimmery orangey nude. I keep it in my bag and put it on when I'm running out the door with no lipstick on.

SO that's the end of my haul. Hope you like my blog and if you do, please follow me and tell your friends!


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  1. I love Melanie too! She helped me get rid of my acne completely! And I actually love to wear Mac pro longwear. It doesn't break me out at all... I wonder what ingredient in it that is breaking you out

    1. It is probably the Polyglyceryl-3-Disostearate... since that is the only high comedogenic in the ingredients

  2. I love Mac lipsticks! I'm stacking up like you, though my collection is slightly larger than yours :)

  3. I think every girl gets to a stage where she starts a MAC Lipstick collection. It's a dangerous, addictive period but all of the colours... oh my! (Plink and Chatterbox are my favs x)

    Megan || Oh Hey! blog

  4. Sounds like a great day out shopping!
    I've been dying to get my hands on Mac whirl for agessss now
    Hope you enjoy all of your treats